Icy Hot Multi-Game Slots

Icy Hot Multi-Game Slots

Sometimes, you cannot choose hot or cold, one or two, but why not just go for everything combined instead? That is what Icy Hot Multi-Game Slots gives you when you open up the ice and fire, double reel grid-equipped digital fruit machine on a Realtime Gaming (RTG) casino platform of your choice. If you are now curious about this game and require a further explanation about it, then keep reading because such an explanation is provided in the casino slot machine review below.

Fire and Ice Live in Harmony on the Game Screen of This Slot

Even though Icy Hot Multi-Game Slots keeps it rather simple design-wise, both on the reel grids and on the background screen, it does display elements of ice and fire in vibrant colors. The left side of your game screen is reserved for the cold section, with ice being seen in the background and frozen symbols on the reel grid.

The right side of the slot's game screen is flaming hot on the other hand, with glowing sparks flying everywhere on the fiery background and burning symbols being displayed on the matching reel grid. The contrast between the ice and fire elements next to each other looks appealing and will motivate you more to interact with this game.

Spin Wins Into Existence With Frozen and Burning Symbols

Aside from its design, the slot game is also very straightforward with its reel grid setup. The presence of two individual reel grids instead of one doesn't make it more complicated to play this slot, but it does give you double the opportunity to create combinations with the game's symbols. The two separate game grids each have three reels and three rows on which you need to land the symbol combos.

To make those Icy Hot Multi-Game Slots combos successful and pay out their paytable stated prizes, they also need to land on any of the ten fixed pay line structures crossing the reel grids. Keep in mind that symbol combinations need to be made with non-feature icons that are multiple frozen and burning sevens and bar icons but that the slot also deploys a couple of bonus symbols that can provide additional perks and lead you to lucrative gameplay features with which a lot of gains can be made.

Discover Hot Bonus Perks That Make You Shiver From Excitement

This game has a couple of enticing bonus play attributes and features for you at its disposal. To start with the symbols, those are a wild (substitute) icon that replaces other symbols and thus helps you complete winning combos, the scatter icon that triggers free spins, and the bonus wheel symbol that triggers the matching bonus wheel feature.

Besides those already mentioned features, the game also has a transferring wilds bonus play element. Various details and perks are attached to these mentioned bonus perks, and we suggest reading about them while you are playing by checking out the slot's in-game paytable section. Furthermore, that paytable section will also inform you about various other aspects of the slot.

Step Into the Cold or the Heat While Playing Icy Hot Multi-Game Slots

Now that you are more informed about Icy Hot Multi-Game Slots and its workings, we suggest you grab some warm and cold temperature clothes and your betting coins so that you come prepared for everything that takes place on the reel grid of this game, and then head over to Realtime Gaming casino platform that has it on offer so that you can start playing right away.