Vulcan Slots

Vulcan Slots is a gorgeously crafted online casino slots game brought to players by the genius publishers at Realtime Gaming. RTG has a legendary catalog of slots along with a long line of online casino platforms including RTG Slots which harbors all its classic titles. Vulcan Slots is no different than other RTG titles with its innovative features, over 25 pay lines of fun, auto play options, free play demo mode options, and a low buy in all on this gorgeously animated 5x3 reel. Vulcan Slots was crafted in ode to the legendary Gods of old, and the unlimited power and wealth they can bestow among players who choose to entre their world.

Wild symbols and the most valuable of Vulcans will provide players the most immense and worthy bonuses with a wide array of Progressive Jackpots also granting thousands of dollars in real money prizes to those who unlock them. Every win is an inch close to unlocking the grand wealth of these Jackpots which range from Minor to Major and can range from anywhere to $400 in grand prizes to over $2,000! There is a low minimum bet entry to Vulcan Slots which only adds FOMO to the new players who may have been considering this game but passed over it for some reason.

This is an affordable entry and it's available on many popular online casino platforms including Online Casino City and RTG Slots itself! This is one of the more classic titles from RTG's library, but it shows it's staying power with nearly a decade on the popularity charts and no slowing down in site! Players can earn up to an astounding 50,000x multiplier when using the max bet function in game, and this can lead to some extreme rewards with progressive jackpots just the cherry on top of that! There is a specialized feature just for Vulcan Slots which is called the Feature Guarantee, and on every 26th turn players will be guaranteed a win of some sort and it will all play out on the awesomely spectacular Vulcan Slots reel!

Players can land anywhere from 5x to 500x their wager and beyond with the Feature Guarantee, and it's a fantastic way to keep players motivated and in the game, and what player would complain about a guarantee free win every so often? Vulcan Slots it's available dozens of online casinos worldwide, and many of them provide welcome bonuses in a ton of free Spin packages which are also eligible to use in conjunction with the Vulcan Slots game. RTG outdid themselves in 2013 with the release of Vulcan Slots, it's remained one of their longest running and most popular titles for good reason. The simplistic gameplay, minimum bet entry, and ability to earn stellar progressive jackpots including up to 50,000x a single wager make Vulcan Slots a must try for even the newest of players. Veteran players already know the fun and potential of this RTG classic, now newer-players can find out for themselves.