Jumping Beans Slots

Jumping Beans Slots

Jumping Beans is an extremely colorful slot game, the main screen of which offers a desert-like background, involving tall canyons, cactuses and yellow-reddish sand-covered soil. The game is in possession of 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines. The main screen is filled with various windows connected with bonus features as well as a couple of jackpots - a Minor one and a Major one. The minimum possible bet is 5 cents and the maximum one is 1 dollar, 25 cents. The game is in possession of plenty of profitable symbols and several great bonus features.


The wild symbol of the game is Mr. Bean - a guy with a giant Mexican hat and an equally huge, mind-blowingly oversized orange head. He pays 2 coins for 1 symbols, 20 coins for 2 symbols and 1000 coins for 3 symbols. As a wild, he is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game with the exception of the scatter Mrs. Bean, which depicts the equally weird-looking wife of the gentleman of the same family name. Whenever the wild Mr. Bean replaces a symbol and completes a winning combination, the payout of it will be doubled. There are 10 symbols on the game's paytable. The red angry-looking Mexican guy otherwise known as Bandido Beans pays 100 coins for 3 symbols and 3 coins for 2 symbols. The small building with the Mexican flag on its roof offers 50 coins for 3 symbols and 2 coins for 2 symbols. The grinning sun grants 30 coins for 3 symbols and 2 coins for 2 symbols. 3 of the triple burrito symbol give 15 coins, 3 of the double burrito one - 10 coins and 3 of the single burrito one - 7 coins. 3 maracas symbols and the 3 guitars symbol pay 5 coins. 3 rose symbols and 3 flexing cactus symbols provide 3 coins.


If a Mr. Bean or a Mrs. Bean appears above or below the reels after the end of a normal spin, the Auto Nudge option will be activated and will give the happy family a nudge in order to join the reels and provide payouts. Even though Mrs. Bean doesn't offer payouts, she is responsible for the activation of the free spins round and whenever 3 of the symbol show up on the reels 10 free spins will be awarded. If Mr. Bean, Mrs. Bean or Bandido Beans makes an appearance during the free spins, 4 Bonus prizes will be awarded via the Bonus Beans Tally, which is the meter to the left and the right of the reels on the main screen. The Bonus Beans Tally has 6 levels. Each level has 3 beans. Whenever a level is filled in the meter, the player will become eligible for the corresponding prize. Just a single restart is allowed for one feature and during it just 5 free games will be granted and Bonus Beans will continue to be generated throughout them. The two Jackpot prizes are triggered randomly after the end of a spin.

Jumping Beans is an intriguing slot game with original bonus features, symbols with awesome payouts and an overall gameplay experience, which is perfect for both players who like to play it safe and those who tend to risk.